Increase Your Mobile Marketing Profits

14 Mar 2013
Increase Your mobile marketing profits

Increase Your mobile marketing profits

Do you want to make more money? Those who remember the famous or infamous) Sally Struthers video where she mentions that line do not have to comment and reveal themselves! We are not here to sell a home study course, but we DO have some ways you can increase your mobile marketing profits.

Of course, if you already have profits, you are doing something right. Those who aren’t making money from mobile can still do something to change that fact. Below we are going to split up our tips into one section for beginners who don’t make money with mobile and another for those who are already banking but want to make even more.

Make Money With Mobile Marketing for Beginners

Here are some basic tips to get you making money with your mobile marketing campaigns.

  • Know Your Audience – No matter what type of app you are marketing, when you want to find users, you need to make sure you know your target audience. Doing this before you buy mobile ads can save you quite a bit of money. When you target the right audience with the right ad, you’re going to see your downloads and profits explode. 
  • Track the Results – If you are not making money and you never check your statistics, you are never going to know why you’re not making a profit. A good mobile ad network will give you access to a lot of great information like your click through rate and more. Knowing these numbers and implementing changes one at a time will allow you to gradually increase the profitability of your mobile ad campaigns.
  • Change as Necessary – As mentioned, just looking at your statistics is not enough. You need to start looking at why you’re not making money and make changes that will allow you to start seeing better numbers. One problem many people make is making too many changes at once. The  problem with this is you can never know which change had the positive effect. Instead, make one change – to the creative, to the landing page, to the people you are targeting – and then WAIT for a week (at least) preferably longer. After that time, looking at your stats will let you know the effect your change made overall. Waiting is tough, but if you have a low number of clicks/installs, you need to wait longer. Those who are spending a lot of money and looking at data from thousands of users or more can usually make decisions quicker because more data is compiled.

If you have a mobile app (or more than one), marketing via mobile devices can really increase your profits.

Advanced Tips to Increase Mobile Marketing Profit

If you are already using mobile marketing techniques to increase profits, here is a tip to raise the numbers.

  •  Run A/B Tests – While you may think a particular creative is doing well, you’re not going to be able to tell unless you keep all other variables the same and swap out one creative (version A) for another (version B). You can do this randomly or even give one creative an advantage depending on how you set-up your tests. By doing this, you can gradually increase the profitability of all your mobile ad campaigns. 

We’ll have more posts for advanced mobile marketers in the future so stay tuned.

What do YOU Think?

If you have tips for increasing money made from mobile, leave a comment below and share with the world.



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