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The Chartboost platform helps mobile game publishers make more money by making it easy to manage and optimize the yield of their in-game advertising so they can focus on doing what they love: building great games. Today our platform does a few things:

  • Empower publishers to cross promote their own games – so they can effectively drive users that are playing one of their games to try others. We do this for free.
  • We connect all of our publishers together in one network so they can cut deals with each other to cross-promote their games to each other through our Direct Deals Marketplace. Direct deals enable publishers acquire new users for much less than the commissions they pay to ad networks, often 50% of revenue!
  • When not cross promoting or doing deals, publishers can use Chartboost to monetize unused “remnant” inventory to make some extra cash through a push-button interface that gives publishers complete control of what’s shown to their users.

We’re just getting started and we’re extending the platform to make it even easier for publishers to improve their user experience and fuel the success of their games.

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